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The homepage for the Club-STEMinternational is an information service to provide a point of orientation to universities and aid in their possible desire to find ways of developing their own measures and projects to meet the challenges of the internationalization of the STEM study subjects. Under Best Practice you will find the STEMinternational compass, a selection of innovative higher education projects, which grows gradually. These projects promote the internationalization of STEM subjects in different ways, arranged here in accordance with the Student Life Cycles. Are you managing an interesting project which could provide an exemplary character for other universities? Then you can submit all the information surrounding your work to Do Mint. The pages News and Events will also help you find relevant information in context to the all the topics and events for universities which stand in context to the STEMinternational.

About the Project

STEMinternational is a program initiative by the Daimler and Benz Foundation, Daimler-Fonds and the donors’ association for science in Germany to improve the internationality of STEM subjects. The University of Bremen and the University of Applied Sciences Würzburg-Schweinfurt were being funded for two years from 2014 to 2016 as part of the strategy competition STEMinternational.

On behalf of the donors’ association, the funded universities initiated an exchange of experience within Club STEMinternational and shared their project results with other universities. Furthermore, they worked together to conceptualize and implement measures for the internationalization of STEM subjects. In this endeavor Club STEMinternational was supported by the donors’ association, the German Academic Exchange Service and the Hochschulrektorenkonferenz.

The results of the collaboration in Club STEMinternational can be found in the STEMinternational Compass. The compass is used by other universities to get informed and to develop their own measures and projects in order to better meet the challenges of internationalization of the STEM study subjects. The STEMinternational compass is geared towards the three phases of the student life cycle: introductory phase, course of studies and graduation phase as well as profiling as a prerequisite for the implementation of measures.

Since 2017, the project has been in the second funding phase, which has set its goal as integrating further international best-practices.

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