Call for Female Inventors! The women&work Inventors’ Prize!

Women can do it just as well. Female inventors and pioneers have achieved a lot in the past and present. However, they are still underrepresented!

This is supposed to change with the women & work inventors’ prize.

“The award promotes more feminine ingenuity and at the same time makes successful inventors of the present visible. From now on, women with ingenuity can apply for the Women & Work Inventors Award 2019.

The application is possible until the 20th of September. All applications will be submitted to the jury after the application deadline. The jury has 14 days to select a favorite in each category. By 15 October at the latest, the winners will be notified by e-mail ” (Komm-Mach-MINT)

International inventors can also apply as long as the project has been developed in Germany.

The women & work inventor prize is awarded in three categories:

  • technology
  • Service & Social
  • Business Model and Organization

Award ceremony at the International Inventors’ Fair
The Women & Work Inventors Award will be presented at the iENA Forum of the International Inventors’ Fair iENA.

Thursday, November 1st
13:30 – 14:30
iENA – International Inventors’ Fair
iENA Forum
Exhibition Center Nuremberg | Hall 12 | 90471 Nuremberg

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