The EASE Academy

16 Sep 2019
All Day

UBremen SFB 1320 EASE
Am Fallturm 1, 28359 Bremen

The EASE C collaborative Research Cente is conduction reseach on Everyday Activity Science and Engineering (EASE). This means study of the design, realization, and analysis of information processing models that enable robotic agents (and humans) to master complex human-scale manipulation tasks that are mundane and routine. EASE not only investigates action selection and control but also the methods needed to acquire the knowledge, skills, and competence required for flexible, reliable, and efficient mastery of these activities.

The EASE Cenctre invites to its Fall School 2019 from 16.09.  till 20.09.2019 at the Univerity of Bremen .

Doctoral students who aim at obtaining a doctoral degree in the research field of Everyday Activity Science and Engineering are encouraged to attend the EASE doctoral school. Registrations are open in early 2019.

Students not enrolled at the University of Bremen or Hochschule Bremen are able to obtain training in Everyday Activity Science and Engineering through open Summer Schools and open interactive teaching material.

Highschool students can obtain introductory material for independent study projects in the area Everyday Activity Science and Engineering.

Highschool teachers who want to integrate topics related to Everyday Activity Science and Engineering into their curricula and need support to do so can contact: