Newest Best-Practice: STEM Bachelor Plus

Given that the Bachelor-Plus degree, which is part of the framework of STEM Bachelor Plus, program is the pilot project, the Technical University Munich (TUM) is offering the students of the program, which consists of approx. 700 students in the first semester of which 34% are international students (WS17/18) study support programs, during the second semester (in the sense of deceleration).

In the non-admission-restricted BSEI study program, the requirements for the first two semesters are defined by Basic and Orientation Examinations (GOP). The examinations enable the students to check their suitability in the requirements of the specific field of study. However, about 30 percent of students fail at the GOP by a final failing, another 10 percent voluntarily finish their studies. However, 95 percent of students with passed GOP then successfully complete their studies. The average study duration is well below the national average.

A significant number of students are delaying their first university performance assessment, creating a mountain of unresolved tasks that conflict with a structured course of study and success. Existing offers for further qualification in the technical or linguistic area find little resonance in the context of the high technical and temporal requirement, only a few students actively seek assistance in the study counseling. For international students, inadequate language skills and language deficiencies make study success even more difficult.

BSEI + motivates students to take exams in the first semester. With defined shortage of deficiency in the first examinations and even before the otherwise semester-identical performance of the re-examinations, students can actively decide to participate in a post-qualification program BSEI +. Learning Agreements are used to agree on individually binding elements of professional and linguistic qualification, and the curriculum for the second semester is relieved by exceptions to the mandatory registration for GOP examinations. With positive proof of competence acquisition in the requalification deadline extensions are granted also in further specialized semesters and afterwards students are again introduced into the regular study enterprise.

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