Study published: Global Trends Study – Unlocking the Growth in Human Age

The Mercer published an inspiring study in which the chances and challenges for companies and workforce in the future economy are discussed.

The motto of the paper is „embracing the Human Age“: claiming that digitalization and automation do not necessary adversely affect the situation of the human workforce, nor makes it dispensable. Rather has the redesign of the future of work a huge potential to actually make workplaces more human centered. Technology will not make employees obsolete it „maximize its impact only when paired with human judgment.“

„Technology’s role in displacing workers appears to conflict with its role in augmenting human capability. But this is the true future of work: an integration of automation and human capital.“

In that vision the investments for a digital transformation are not only of technological nature, Human Resources Leaders have to focus also increasingly on the needs of their employees to stay competitive. Providing them more e.g. more flexible working time, meaningful functions, career perspectives, professional development and education, well-being and health.

Download the paper here: