THE IAU Annual Report 2018: International Association of Universities

Higher Education is going through troubling times due to social and political turbulence. The fundamental values of Higher Education – “university autonomy, academic freedom, equity in access and success, ethics and solidarity”, as Hilligje van’t Land, IAU Secretary General, states in the annual report, are systematically being challenged.

Money has become the main actor in higher education and its connections to the labor market. Pressure and conformity are transforming higher education.

“As the global association of higher education institutions and organisations, IAU fosters meaningful dialogue and cooperation to find viable ways of moving forward. To this end, IAU has organised international conferences on pressing issues, such as public-private higher education funding and partnerships for societal impact, to name but two. The topics covered contribute to the global debate on the role of HE in society and the meaning of quality education. IAU thus advocates for quality higher education for the global common good.

This year again, IAU offered a variety of initiatives for members of the HE community to get involved in the shaping the sector for the better. It invited its Members and beyond to shape the new policy statement on technology and higher education, and joined forces to address Agenda 2030 through the Global Cluster on HE and Sustainable Development.” (IAH Annual Report 2018)

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